Kids Eye Care for Patients in Durham, Raleigh & Beyond

At Rosenstein Vision Center of Durham, our optometrists offer eye care for the whole family, including pediatric vision care. Dr. Rosenstein recommends that children have their first eye exam between six months and three years, as your child may develop nearsightedness or farsightedness, or have trouble with eye movement tracking and alignment.

Signs of vision problems in young children:

  • A family history of childhood vision problems
  • Difficulty with eye-hand coordination
  • Squinting or unusual head turning
  • A short attention span for the child’s age
  • Avoiding puzzles, coloring or other detailed activities

Signs of vision problems in older children:

  • Holding reading material closer than normal
  • Frequently losing their place while reading or using their finger to maintain their spot
  • Moving head to use one eye only
  • Confusing or omitting small words when reading

The Importance of Pediatric Eye Care

It’s important for your children to have regular eye exams whether or not these signs apply, as it’s possible to develop eye problems with age. If left unchecked, the problems might worsen. Children’s eyes are very responsive to treatment, so it’s best that the problems are identified and remedied early on in order to prevent them from becoming major issues later.

Pediatric Eye Exams at Rosenstein Vision Center

The vision care we offer in Durham for children will look different depending on the child’s age. For infants of six months, the exam will involve testing their ability to focus on objects and follow them as they move. Older children will be tested for conditions such as amblyopia (commonly known as Lazy Eye), misalignment, focusing, and depth and color perception. Early diagnosis is best, and Rosenstein is able to provide the eyewear your child needs.

We recommend visits at six months, increased visits during ages 3-6, as well as every two years once they’ve started school. If your child’s eyesight has a condition that requires vision correction, such as glasses or a patch to help strengthen a lazy eye, then their eye exams should be more frequent than every two years. We offer both eye exams and eyewear products in Rosenstein Vision Center’s Durham office, so please come visit us at our family-friendly facility.

InfantSEE Providers

Rosenstein Vision Care, located in Durham, NC, is a proud member of InfantSEE, a public health program managed by the American Optometric Association, ensuring that your infant between six to 12 months can receive a comprehensive eye assessment as a no-cost public service.

Rosenstein Vision Center of Durham, NC is a family-owned and operated eye care center and serves the Raleigh-Durham area by offering services such as eye exams, pediatric eye care, eyeglasses, contacts, LASIK consultations and more.